Company Projects

5. Al Hamorah deposit area (copper - nickel – cobalt - titanium)

This deposit is located in the southeast of Taizcity, and it is far away about 55 km. This area is covering with metamorphic rocks inmedium grade which belong toBrotrecozicera that consist of (quartz - Feldspathic gneiss –amphibolite - Migmatitiesrocks) that belong toHivanarea. These rocks can be cutting by granite, diorite and lamprophyre and gabbro rocks.

In 1983 - 1979 theRomanian Geominecompany had implemented Mapping, geophysical, drilling and mining works (digging under the surface)for 700 km’s. The reservation has been estimated forAl-Hamorah areaup to 4 million tonns. The concentration of copper is 0.57% and 0.39% for nickel.

In 2005 - 2008 the Chinese company "Aston Rezores",indicated that Al Hamorh area contains highsourceof copper, nickel iron, titanium and other elements. For thatthe company has prepared a study for the possiblereservation A, B, and the potential reservation C, but they did not get this information . The company implementedworks under the surface within 269 metres.