About Petroming :

Petroming Company works in oil, gas and minerals fields. As for minerals, the company obtained an exploration license in the following areas:
1. Al-Hamurah and Al-Shaqat areas(copper -nickel -cobalt)
2. A belt spreading form Dhmaran area through Al-Zabarah area at a length of 18 Km’s (copper -gold -silver)
3. Sara - Al-Masbob- Al-Maqatirah areas (zinc -lead -silver)
4. Hajer Al-Abadillah area (nickel - copper - pt. group)

Besides, the company explored the non-metallic minerals such as “graphite rocks”: where it was discovered in Dhmaran and Al-Akhalareas (from the west of Al-Debby valley to the east of Al-Zabirah area), which extend in 12 km’s, that contains siliceous rocks bearing sulfides and graphite.

The graphite rocks consider the most important mineral in the 21st century that enters in the electronic and strategic industries; this mineral has the priority in the twenty-first century.